~Grand Opening!~

LaNeige Bridal Boutique is proud to announce our, drum rolls please...., GRAND OPENING! Why yes, we ARE excited, thank you for asking! We have so many fun things planned for this incredible night! Some of those things include a fashion show, prizes, drawings, and did we forget to mention that this will all be a Paris inspired event?? A beautiful Eiffel tower will be gracing our store front as well as french artists just waiting to sketch your stunning portraits! And if sitting for an artist doesn't tickle your fancy then we will have photo booth to take as serious or as silly a picture you want! 

We will be sending out postcards to all of our brides registered here at LaNeige. Our first will be a lovely save the date and our second will have a part of the schedule with some of our events listed as well as some coupons! Gotta love the coupons right? So be sure to bring in your postcards for some amazing deals and discounts. 

Our fashion show will include DACI's new 2015 collection of dresses! Her dresses are perfect for every bride, perfect... because she makes them custom! Every bride that has come to Daci has left with her dream wedding gown and also with a big happy grin. Every dress is as unique as the bride who wears it on her big day. 

Stay tuned for more details on our fabulous event!