When to start looking for your wedding dress?

by Lissa Rojas

It’s official. You’re engaged!!

Now, where do you start?

A better question wouldn’t be where to start but when! Working as a bridal stylist doesn’t just call for “styling” but informing and consulting brides about the secret tips and tricks when entering the bridal world.  Though what you maybe looking for is 110% different then the next bride, questions are always similar!  Whether you’re wondering about when you should start looking or simply what style is best for you here are a few tips and tricks to know before entering the bridal world!

The first questions I hear from brides is one of the most important, 
When should I start looking for my dream dress?

First start by envisioning your special day. Are you going for a rustic chic feel or more of an elegant black tie style? No matter what you’re looking for you must keep two things in mind;    

1.     Depending on the designer order times average around 3-6 months just to get it in.

2.     Alterations! Every bride needs alterations, whether that’s adding a bustle to make sure your train doesn’t drag behind you, adding straps or taking the dress in. An experienced seamstress’ schedule can get very busy, especially during *bridal season.  Alterations consist of multiple fittings; your first alterations appointment should be no later then 6 weeks before your wedding.

Tip: Keep in mind if you’ve been looking at couture designers these gowns take four to six months while regular wedding gowns designers average three to four months

Trick: Once you know your gowns estimated delivery date call your seamstress and schedule your appointment a week out.   

*Bridal Season is from Late May to Early September; this is when most brides have their wedding.